Ancestor Journal inset with a real antique Cabinet Card, photo. The back of the photo has the original handwritten name on the back. A man whose name reflects the sense of adventure in the new world. His name is, Jesse James Luigi Worsham.

The front cover is designed to be a photo frame for the cabinet card. A great memory book or journal or even to write your own history.

Olive green cover and endpapers are the same brown marble used on the frame on the front cover. Stitched in a French Stitch and covered in a traditional hardcover. The endbands are gold and green.

I used a stiff, 100% rag paper for the the spine. It's called Canal paper and is handmade in Quebec, Canada. It's the only paper that I would use for a hardcover book. It has a nice, slightly rough texture.

- Handwritten name on the back of photo
- Fine binding with inside of cover lined with white paper before adding endpapers.
- 8½" x 5¾"
- 208 pages of white, 32# paper
- brown marbled endpapers (brass triangle not included)

Lay flat Ancestor Journal, Blank Book